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About Us

We Specialize In:

  • Textured Paint
  • Decorative Paint
  • Gloss Paint 
  • Industrials Paint
  • Sealer, Undercoat & Primer
  • Road Marking Paint

A Colourful History


For the past 38 Years, SANCora Paint (previously Sanland Paint Industries) has quietly revolutionised the paint industry with innovative products and solutions. Formed in 1974, the company that would one day become a leading innovator of paint products and solutions was drawn from the minds of four visionary individuals; two mudguard foreman, a cloth merchant and a businessman.


Mssrs. Wong Chak Lam, Wong Chak Seg, Wong Chah Hong and Liew Yoon Chin were the forebears of SANCora's success, and established the company's heritage for uncovering innovative product by first introducing the breakthrough A1 Putty, a truly multi-purpose sealant that could stop leakages in everything fromm roofs and walls to cars, pipes and gutters.